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Y’s Men International (YMI), established in Toledo, Ohio, in 1922 to support the YMCA, has grown into a global force dedicated to community service and international understanding. Today, the organization is a vital part of the worldwide YMCA, contributing to communities globally.

In Canada and Caribbean Region, YMI fosters connections and collaboration among people of all ages, promoting unity and shared purpose. 

Welcome to Canada/Caribbean YMI Virtual Summit—an immersive platform where thought leaders, experts, and enthusiasts converge to explore and address global issues. As an organization committed to community service, YMI proudly presents this “Beyond Limits Virtual Summit”, dedicated to fostering meaningful discussions on crucial topics shaping our world.

Why Attend?

Expert Insights:

Learn from industry experts and thought leaders in each field.

Interactive Discussions:

Engage in meaningful conversations through interactive sessions.

Global Perspective:

Gain a diverse and global outlook on pressing issues.

Networking Opportunities:

Connect with like-minded individuals passionate about positive change. Join us at the YMI “Beyond Limits Virtual Summit” and contribute to the collective effort in creating a better, more informed, and compassionate world.

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