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Go Beyond Your Limitations

Get ready for an enlightening journey through various areas, from exploring the depths of mental health to understanding the impact of leadership.


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Friday May 3rd

Pillar -Leadership

Opening Ceremony
 4:30 pm
Parade of flags


YMI President Ulrik Lauridsen 5:00 pm Greetings

Renee Beth Poindexter
 5:06 pm
Servant Leadership: Nurturing Tomorrows Leaders


Laura Lee Kenny
 6:06 pm
Mastering Financial Freedom: Mindset and Goal Setting


Mark Smith
 7:06 pm
Are You Ready for Leadership?: Loneliness, Strength and Growth

Feeling alone in a crowded world? Dive into our talks on loneliness, building connections, and finding your place in society.

Niranjana Bimal

 8:06 pm

Leadership in Motion: Fun, Movement, Success


Ivan Tompkins
 9:06 pm


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Saturday May 4th

Pillar - Mental Health

Pillar - Immigration

Daniel Galán Aguilar
 9:00 am
Greetings From The Programs, Services and Innovation Manager at Latin American and the Caribbean Alliance of YMCA


Barb Ashcroft
 9:06 am
Grief: Navigating Loss with Understanding


Dr Sandra Hamilton 10:06 am You Are Not Alone: Suicide Awareness


Christabelle Brown
 11:06 am
Beyond the Filter: Understanding Social Media Influence

Ready for some social media tea? We’re spilling on influencers, trends, and how they shape our online world.

Lunch Break
 12:00 pm


Patrick Earle
 1:00 pm
Dancing Minds: The Link Between Movement and Mental Health

Delve into strategies for understanding of fostering positive development and meaningful connections.

Dr Joseph Ibekwe 2:00 pm Leadership in a Global Space


Lecia Brown-Ellis
 3:00 pm
Culture Shock: Thriving in New Environments

Hear stories and insights about the unique challenges faced by international students, and explore strategies for creating inclusive and supportive academic environments

Adriana Perez Beltran 4:00 pm Food Security

Taylor Edwards
 5:00 pm

Uncover innovative solutions and discussions addressing housing challenges, promoting inclusivity, and creating sustainable and supportive living environments.

Dr Kareen Ried 6:00 pm Immigration

Pack your bags for stories that cross borders! Join us to explore the tales of immigration and the journeys that shape them.

Dr Viviana Uriona
 7:00 pm
Social Justice And Deconstructionalization Of Oppression

Buckle up for a ride into justice! We’re breaking down barriers, exposing truths, and crafting a fairer world together.

Elaine Campbell-Deanen 8:00 pm Racism


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Sunday May 5th


Jose Varghese – YMI Secretary General 8:50 am Global Citizenship as a perspective for Leadership formation”

Shakil Karim 9:00 am Climate change

Brace for impact! Engage in talks on climate change, understanding its effects, and charting a course toward a resilient future.

Dr Romaine Smith MD 10:00 am Stress and Burnout

Desmond Narain Doulatram
 11:00 am
Nuclear Legacy


Lunch Break
 12:00 pm


Dr Sandra Hamilton 1:00 pm Sexual Abuse

Navigating the challenges of sexual abuse


Dwight/Cliffonie/Seham 2:00 pm Beyond Limits

Dr Sandra Hamilton
 3:00 pm
Closing Ceremony


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