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Elaine M. Campbell-Daenen

Legal Philosopher, Poet

Elaine M. Campbell-Daenen Cert. Leg. Stud., B.Sc., LLM with spec. Transnational Legal
Studies, Master of Philosophy in Law.

Elaine is a practicing mediator, social and legal researcher. She is a published writer on migrants’ rights, bauxite mining laws of Jamaica and climate change. Her areas of legal research span the wide field of Transnational Law. She studied in Europe, where she gained her undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate certificates, diplomas and degrees in fashion and theatre designing, social sciences, humanities and law. She is the first to graduate from the University of the West Indies with a Master of Philosophy in Law.

Elaine’s creativity was discovered during her early years in primary school by Miss Johnson. She went on to become a fashion coordinator, fashion director, a model and actress on the North Coast entertainment scene during the late 80’s to mid- 90’s. For example, she was the lead actress in Keith Foote of the Little Pub play “ Caribbean Dream”. She continued her creative life in Belgium, – as a fashion designer, artist, songwriter and poet- where she is a recognized “Kunstenaar”. She has done several poetry readings, fashion shows and exhibitions in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Now that she has returned to Jamaica, she is keeping her creative juices flowing through the renovation and restoration of a great house property, gardening, writing, photography, poetry reading and performance in the recent Poetry in Motion edition.

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