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Dr. Kareen Reid

Researcher, Educator, and Author

Dr. Kareen Reid, a dedicated educator with over 24 years of teaching experience, embodies the essence of pedagogical passion. Holding a Master of Education in Teaching and Learning from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Administration from the University of Saskatchewan, Dr. Reid has been an integral part of the Department of Educational Administration at the University of Saskatchewan since 2016. Her scholarly pursuits culminated in a Ph.D. with a research focus on “The Influence of School Leadership Practices on Culturally Responsive Pedagogy for Newcomer Students.”

Throughout her illustrious career, Dr. Reid has embraced various academic roles with zeal, including Teacher Assistant, Research Assistant, Lecturer, and Guest Lecturer. Beyond her formal duties, she has generously contributed her expertise as a mentor and served on numerous committees, furthering her commitment to educational excellence. As a Researcher, Educator, and Author, Dr. Reid continues to shape the future of education through her profound insights and unwavering dedication to fostering inclusive learning environments.

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